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How to get creative with your social media posts

How to get creative with your social media posts

Being creative with posts on social media can generally be broken down into three main categories; photography, language and theme. Here, we will look at some of the basics of each and how you will be able to use them for your own social media.

Depending on if your account is for business purposes or trying to gain a following as an influencer, your strategy will differ. For business, it is ideal to get into your target markets mindset and think about what type of content they would respond to best, rather than your own personal preferences. If you’re an influencer however, ideally, your content should reflect your style and align with your personal brand.


Photography is fun! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced it can be rewarding and fun to bring ideas to life. Test out how you can alter your images; different angles, get closer or further away from your subject, mix up lighting sources.

Learn basic photography skill by doing some free or paid online courses, basic skills include adjusting ISO, aperture, depth of field – and then play with these! Test out how they affect your photos and discover what your preferences are. When it comes to editing, a few simple tools to bring photos to life are exposure, contrast, saturation and highlights… these can turn an average photo into a stunning one.

Lastly, a good habit to develop is to be critical of your own work in a constructive way. Ask yourself what you could have improved? What would you have changed? Make these adjustments next time and watch your skills improve over time.


The tone you write in should reflect your account, for example having a formal tone if the account is business-related. Although, no matter what type of tone you need to use, you can always practice storytelling and trying to engage and resonate with your followers. Mix up lengths of captions, add extra details, ask questions, use emoji’s, tag people, add hashtags that add to your message and include humour where appropriate!


It is so important to use a common theme within your social media to keep it consistent; this applies to the types of images you use and the filters or editing applied to the images. There are hundreds of articles and blogs written about how to choose an Instagram theme, so do some research and see what you suit your brand! Some popular themes include: black and white, bright and colourful, tropical, pastels etc.

A few more tips to inspire creativity: 

  • If something grabs your attention while you’re using social media, think about why! What about it drew you in? Figure out what makes it appeal and try to recreate or apply to your account.
  • Look at what has been successful for you in the past, and incorporate it more frequently.
  • Invest in some good equipment for your photography, it’s easier to get creative and try new things with equipment such as a props, tripod, remote control and lighting.
  • Use a combination of captions – they could be educational, news related, opinions, informational or humorous… mixing it up keeps it interesting!

The more you think about these; the more creative you can be! Your social media should be fun and interesting for you and your followers, so keep being creative.

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