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Introducing FotoJet: Photo Editing, Graphic Design and Photo Collage

At Social Concepts, we currently use Adobe Creative Suite programs such as Illustrator and Lightroom internally. We also recommend and provide Canva training to our clients who want to create basic designs for their business collateral.

However, we’re all for trialling new tools that we come across and that’s why we wanted to share with you another online graphic design software, FotoJet.

4Introducing FotoJet

FotoJet is an online tool that allows you to create designs with little design experience for personal and commercial use. For those who do not have a natural creative flair, FotoJet makes designing graphics and images for social media, blogs and marketing collateral a lot easier.

5While being surprisingly similar to Canva in regard to their drag and drop interface, FotoJet provides users with more options, namely their photo editing feature. The three main design options include:

  • Graphic Design – allows you to create designs for social media, web and marketing collateral from set templates.
  • Photo Collage – allows you to create a montage or collage of your own photos using over 600 templates and themes such as birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Photo Editing – allows you to adjust your own photos. The basic adjustments allow you to crop, resize, rotate, brighten and saturate your images. The more advanced features include radial focus, colour splash, as well as the ability to add text, filters, overlays and clipart.

How Does It Work?

Creating work on FotoJet is quite straightforward and they take pride in their 3-step method to design creation. Once you have chosen the type of design you would like to create (graphic design, photo collage or photo editing), you can complete your design with the following steps:

  1. Choose a template – choose a pre-made template to work from
  2. Edit – add your own photos and effects
  3. Save/share – save your image as a PNG or JPEG and share across social media

7How Much Does It Cost?

FotoJet is free to set up an account and start designing with the basic designs and templates. However, they also have a premium package that allows you to access more tools and features. The orange crowns represent the features that are only accessible for the premium users.

They have two paid plans:

  • Billed Monthly – $4.99 USD/month
  • Billed Annually – $2.91 USD/month 

The Hits & Misses

FotoJet’s interface is easy to use with its drag and drop functionality and since the interface is quite similar to Canva it would be easy for users of Canva to adapt to the program, and vice versa. The addition of the photo editor makes this program stand out as it combines multiple editing programs into one – it’s like a one stop shop. We also enjoyed the ability to add your own fonts straight into FotoJet which allows you to keep your design on brand.

However, there were a few downsides to the program. Although FotoJet has multiple options for photos such as the ability to search through stock photos on Pixabay and upload your own through Facebook and your computer, we found that the image options provided in other programs such as Canva were more visually appealing and provided more premium images at a small cost (generally $1USD). We also found that some images lost their quality when resizing them using the program.

Social Concepts was provided with a free premium trial in exchange for this post.

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Kelly Ross

Account Manager at Social Concepts
Kelly discovered a love of social media after starting her own travel blog. She believes every type of business can benefit from social media.