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Introducing Soar Collective

By February 22, 2015All, Clients

Are you a woman in business? Are you sick of the same kinds of networking groups? Soar Collective steers away from the typical networking event offer of filtered coffee, mini Danishes and a torrent of repetitive sales pitches.

Soar Collective’s focus is on building a community of women who by sharing their successes and failures, can learn from and empower each other.

Social Concepts Founder, Jessica Humphreys recently stumbled upon the Soar Collective Facebook page and instantly felt a glimmer of hope. “I am sick of attending networking events where people dismiss me because I am a young woman,” said Jessica.

“I feel that when I attend networking events it is often about referrals and people wanting to talk about themselves, but they don’t really want to participate in a two-way conversation, rather they are trying to give me a sales pitch. It often just feels so disingenuous”

“I wanted to find a place where I could go and discuss my business with supportive like minded people. Networking shouldn’t only be about getting ‘sales’; it should be about supporting one another, sharing your successes and failures and creating genuine connections,” said Jessica.

Jessica reached out to the Soar Collective Founder, Jess Jones and quickly they identified that they wanted to work together and so… a partnership was formed.

Jess Jones founded soar Collective in mid 2014. She felt the need to create a comfortable, open environment allowing the women attending to be brutally honest with each other as well as identifying collaborative opportunities. Since then Soar Collective has run monthly events.

Soar Collective is more than just your average networking group. The group has a strong focus on empowering and inspiring woman, encourages collaborations and runs workshops. Best part of all? Soar Collective donates 5% from each After Dark ticket sold to the Australian National Committee for UN Women, the United Nations entity responsible for promoting women’s empowerment and gender quality.

Jess encourages her attendees to have a ‘no bull approach’ when introducing themselves to other women. She says ‘it’s absolutely ok to say “I’ve had a really bad day” or “sales aren’t good at the moment and I don’t know how to fix it.” The need for authenticity is imperative at the Soar Collective events as the founder explains ‘you need to bust through whatever rubbish is holding you back from being your best self. If you’re not being genuine about your business and who you really are, how can you expect to truly connect with anyone and identify opportunities for improvement?’


Women in business at a recent Soar Collective event. Photography by Bianca.

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