Jessica & Leanne have been fabulous to work with over the last couple of years! They really understand where we are coming from as a small business and provide amazing support and knowledge. I recently attended Jessica's Facebook workshop and got an amazing amount of information and practical strategies to help conquer this new world of social media. Thank you!

Samantha Eastwood

Social Concepts is a business I would recommend to anyone who is looking to learn more about social media platforms and how to use such platforms to build a business and get a brand out there. My consultation with Jessica's was invaluable and the follow up has been excellent. Jessica is friendly, personable, knowledgable, and has the desire to teach others. Thanks for such a positive experience.

Karen ReynoldsWax Obsession

If you are looking for help to understand or learn how to use social media (e.g Facebook) to grow your business in this digital world we live in then I would highly recommend contacting Social Concepts.

I recently met with Jess to get my head around how to use Facebook and it's Business Advert Manager to promote our business. After absorbing all the information Jess shared with me, I am now able to confidently use Facebook to promote my business.

Literally seconds into the consultation I could see that Jess is really passionate about social media and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in utilising it to promote businesses.

My reason for the consultation was to gain training in how to use the Facebook Business & Adverts Manager. Jess not only gave me a detailed run through of that, she also shared great suggestions and creative ideas for content that I could use in those campaigns, going way beyond what I was expecting to get out of the meeting. You definitely get great value out of working with Social Concepts!

Ben StowersThe College of Intuition

Thank you Jessica for being a fabulous Social Media consultant. You motivate and inspire success plus you made me feel excited about Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Twitter and Linked In (prior to meeting you, I felt overwhelmed and full of unwarranted fears about the concept). You are very professional, well informed and up to date on current trends. I have enjoyed our meetings to date and look forward to crossing paths again in the future.
I recommend Jessica and the Social Concepts team for all Social Media needs.

Stuart SandraBay Fish N Chips