Top 10 Work-From-Home Productivity Hacks for Business Owners

Remote work can boost employee productivity. However, managers still have to apply strategies to keep remote teams on track and ensure they stay productive.

Since the Corona Virus Pandemic began last year, many businesses worldwide with 100% office-based works were obliged to start working from home. To some business owners, this practice is no longer new as there were already businesses that offer home-based and remote jobs even before the Pandemic occurred. So they already had prepared workplace, workstation and they knew how to handle noise-reduction and other destructions within the area. 

But this could be a lot challenging for those who have begun their career in the office. Since there would be a big change in their working environment, a much different workstation, and be surrounded not by the colleagues but by the family, especially if they have babies and kids that kept playing and making noise all day. It is kinda difficult to set a perfect time balance between family and work when they started to work from home. 

To make things get easy, here are the 12 tips to work from home productivity hacks for business owners to apply for themselves and their employees. Act in accordance with these proven effective hacks and surely will acquire skills of complete control over your time. 

Start Early to Get Ahead.
Begin day the earliest as possible, it will get the tasks done earlier as well. Because this will lessen the worries about running out of time, drives focus to the work and making them more productive and competitive. With that, more energy will be prepared for the next day’s schedule. 

Planning and Schedule
Making up plans for the day’s tasks play a very important role whether in remote or in-office work. Before the day starts for work, the plans made have to be scheduled as well. Like what they used to do when they were in the office, prepare some sticky notes, a planner, or an organizer to help keep their to-do list accordingly, and prioritize them according to their importance. Set a time schedule for work, break times, lunch and etc. 

Maintain Regular Office Hours
Most of those who have been doing remote jobs or works from home for a longer period of time have already made flexible office hours for themselves. This means that they can start and finish their work at any time of the day they planned. But this sense of flexibility, if not managed well, would become a reason for the declining productivity. Maintaining regular office hours define the time when the work should start, when to take break time, and when to finish the job assigned for the day. This will avoid them feeling like they have worked the whole day because that would be the start when they will lose their interest in work and might end up an unproductive and underperforming employee. 

Wear Semi-casual Comfortable Attire
Working in the office requires wearing comfortable attire, just as well as working from home. This is because the attire that should be worn might give an impact on what the worker does. Since their hours will be spent working, they must prepare something that will make them feel comfortable the whole period of time. But since video calling is sometimes required, they must of course wear it in accordance with the dress code of the business or company. 

Work in a Comfortable and Dedicated Work Space
To obtain having a comfortable and dedicated workspace is crucial when you get to plan your work from home. Whether you are working from home or in a coworking space, you should set up your workstation according to your need. All the necessary things needed have to be reachable so they won’t get distracted by anything when leaving their desk.

The B2B HQ knows exactly what you need to obtain a comfortable and dedicated workspace. They would provide you with services such as a secure business mailbox, a permanent landline number, an email notification when deliveries have arrived, and more. They are known nowadays for providing fantastic and highly rewarding works. And described by their clients as a very professional and excellent service provider.

Track Your Time
Since working remotely is very useful nowadays, business owners and companies were using time tracking software such as Time Doctor, Desktime, and Hubstaff. The use of these time tracking apps helps the worker to reduce their time spent on social media platforms, unnecessary websites and make them more productive with their reports.

Home Time is different from Work Time
It is very important that home time is clearly understood as different from work time. Though working from home gives more flexible time for the family, there should have a strict limit to this. And at the same time, they cannot stick themselves to the desk and keep working without breaks.

Get Website Blocking Chrome Extensions
Unnecessary websites and social media channels during work hours should be avoided because it is known for being the number one productivity killer. Scrolling a minute on these unnecessary websites would make them get distracted and forget what’s on their to-do list. 

Socialize With Colleagues
Working from home gives them a limited time to see and bond with their colleagues. Somehow, it would make them feel like their alone in doing the entire job and might cause frustration and loneliness. It is important that they would still bond with their colleagues in a video call.

Take Day Off Rest
Those who consider themselves having a flexible time when working from home, usually are those who do not take a rest day. Because they were thinking that they were already having their rest when they got the job done earlier or started the job later. Because they don’t follow the office hours schedule, they also don’t follow the rest day that they deserve which could make them feel relieved, relaxed, and unwinded.

These are the 10 remote guides for business owners to be able to help their employees keep their time as useful as before even they are now working from home during this pandemic. This simply shows that the Pandemic won’t be enough to bring the economy down. Because business owners and even self-employed individuals would always find a way to stay productive and earn. 

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